Our technology has limitations and we have obliged to caution you about them to save your time, forces and money.



“Washer augers” technology



Impossible in concept


To assemble auger without auger shaft

To assemble internal screw (counter-screw) surface out of  hard cylinder

To adjust the end of auger with helical blades to zero diameter as the type of end of screw


Impossible without loss of simplicity of auger construction


To make auger with variable pitch of helical blades

To  make auger the surface profile of which does not coincide with change trajectory of it profile

To make auger with the pitch of helical blades which is not divisible to thickness of it.

to make auger with the length of helical part which is not divisible to  the pitch of it’s helical blades


Restricting the range of opportunities


Increasing the pitch of helical blades more than 2 diameters of auger shaft, the difficulty of auger manufacturing is also increases.

The thickness of washer auger body cannot be small. The most small thickness of washer auger body which existed in practice was 8 mm.

The position of helical washers in auger can be changed only discretely.

There could be curvatures during careless assembly of auger shaft when exists large rations of length to diameter of the auger.