The technology

Before the invention of washer augers the assembled augers were divided into parts by planes perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the auger. It means that a single auger was assembled from individual auger plugs, in fact – from augers in miniature.  As a result during  the manufacturing of whole turned  auger and separate auger plugs, auger geometries were provided by the possibility of cutting equipment, which significantly limited the technological capabilities of augers , auger machines and whole industries, which are based on the auger pressing, extrusion and compression.


The fundamental difference of washer augers from analogues is that augers are split into separate parts by planes which are parallel to it helical surfaces. As the result, the augers are assembled not from auger plugs but from unified helical washers. Helical washers of one auger are divided into Working – which are helical blades of it and Body – creating the body of auger and keeping Working washers in assigned position on the auger.