Augers with conic profile

The cone angle is different form 0º to 180º with different transformations (changes) of conic angle including angles rising up to 90º.   


Changing of auger diameter. Creation of convergent-divergent transitions in helical paths of.oil presses and forage extruders. Is an alternative for augers with variable pitch of helical blades.

Augers with curved profile

Different kind of curved surfaces and different matching of them which are in the working zone of NC machine during fixed tooling turning operation without screw-cutting works.




For the delicate adjustment of barometric gradient in screw paths of oil press. Is an alternative for augers with variable pitch of helical blades.

Augers with noncircular section

Different cross-sections which could be worked by milling of simple (not screw) blanks, different transitions of sections into each other.



For the augers with function of additional breakage and/or collapsing of compressing material, creation of cams installed into screw path of the press.

Raked screw blades

A variety of possible angles of screw blades is more than any practical need (from – 90o to 90o).




In conic augers for the correction of auger pressing force vector direction for example in briquette presses (fuel briquette from cuttings or other plant raw material)

Helical blades with curved profile

Different form of helical blades profile which can be worked by forming techniques. Circular bends (shown in the picture), radial, spiral and other (not shown in the picture).




For helical pair type of screw and nut with rolling motion element (of screw bearings)

Multi-layer helical blades

A number of layers from screw washers located in the neighbor screw lines is limited by the number of screw entry in auger only but also washers themselves could be multi-layer that increase quantity of possible variants in times.




In heavy loaded auger machines. To combine high bend/breaking strength of sub-layers with high hardness and high durability of frontal layer or with antifriction or other qualities of it. To change flow section of screw path.

Internal crew (counter-screw) surface

Internal helical surfaces manufactured by technology of washer augers can include all qualities mentioned above and capabilities of external helical surfaces in full volume.

Combining auger with counter-screw blades of the cylinder the necessity to keep pressing material from rotation is eliminated.




The animation is provided in coordinates not rotating about pressing material. In fact, counter-screw blades of the cylinder are motionless together with the cylinder, pressing material rotating in direction and with the speed of auger rotation, and the auger rotates in the same direction but twice as fast.

Breakings and misalignment of helical blades

Breakings and misalignment of helical blades increase the effectiveness of auger machines where auger in addition to pressure and transportation of material also breaks and/or cut and/or mix.



Also this modernization will allow some types of oil presses and forage extruders to adjust balance between compressing force of the material and the speed of it transportation, during changing a kind of pressing of one raw material to another, for example oil – grain.


Two- and more path augers

Two- and more path augers are designed for specializes task when it is necessary to reallocate compressing forces in screw path and/or to change flow section of screw path.